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Enterprise Servers for mission critical workloads

Tailored Servers:

If you have a large website, lots of websites, resource intensive applications, or need the extra peace of mind of having your own cloud server, we can help customise a setup that will be reliable, cost-effective, and easy to manage.

We have 25 years experience of administering commercial web, database, and email servers.

We can provide a full range of servers from Virtual Private Servers and Hybrid Servers through to Dedicated Servers, Failover Servers, and Load Bearing Servers.

Rental servers can be self-managed or we can take the extra workload off you and manage them for you.

Specs can be mixed and matched and we offer a range of operating systems, server apps, and distros for your use.

VPS & Server Rental

Hosting Locations:

We can provision VPS, Hybrid or Dedicated Servers in any of the following 

Brisbane, Australia
Sydney, Australia
London, UK
Amsterdam, Holland
Los Angeles, USA


The following OS and server apps are available:

Operating Systems:

  • Ubuntu
  • CentOS
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • FreeBSD
  • Other Linux Distros

Control Panels:

  • Windows Server Manager
  • cPanel / WHM
  • Plesk
  • Webmin/Virtualmin
  • DirectAdmin

Server Apps:

  • Apache Web Server
  • Microsoft IIS
  • MariaDB Database Server
  • MySQL Database Server
  • EXIM / Postman Mail Server
  • ANT Media Server

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