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Australian Facebook Buy & Sell pages across the region are being targeted by Indian Scammer Groups.

In the latest round of scams coming out of India, many Australian Facebook group pages are being targeted by a network of scammers that are attempting to get peoples information. This type of scam is typically called 'Pishing Scams'.

Typically the scammers will post a link in the comments and will encourage people to register - the link will be a quick landing page done on Google Sites - in the link you will see '' 

Fortunantely many Facebook users are becomming wise to the scam however some may still be tempted to signup to what seem fantastic offers for work at home schemes and other ways to make money online.


SCAMWATCH: Local Facebook Pages targeted by Scammers

Usual advertisments:

The scam posts will usually be centered around making money from home, advertising companies on your car and property and will promise big rewards, keep an eye out for posts that have attention grabing headlines like:

  • 'Our company needs onliners' 
  • 'Coca-Cola will pay you to put a sign on your car'
  • 'Work from home for $150 an hour'

Things to look our for:

  • The facebook account of the poster will be new or recently registered.
  • They will not have many friends on the list.
  • There may be comments from other people saying 'this is genunie' - these are other fake accounts from the scammers network
  • The link contain '' in them - Google Sites offer the ability to put a quick landing page together.

What happens if you signup

The scammers main goal is to get your information first and then get money from you, they will attempt to gain access to details so they can learn about you, your contact details, where you live, your bank account details and so on. After they have this information it will be acted upon and often passed on to other scammers who will then attempt to extort money from you using various methods. There are many different ways they will use this information, you may suddenly receive phone calls saying your computer has a virus, your broadband isnt working or your mobile phone bill is in arrears, all with a view of getting you to transfer money or gift cards to them.

In addition to this they can use your details for identify theft and will perform other fraudulent practises such as ordering good online with your card details.

If you are concerned about these scams or your online security:

Please feel free to contact us for advice, if you are worried you have been a victim of one of these scams, we will be able to assist you secure your systems and will help  you to get the correct authorities notifed.